Air Performance specializes in the design and manufacture of Commercial Louvers, Brake Metal, and other specialized Aluminum Products. 


Located in Hartford, AL, Air Performance is a member of AMCA International and our products are licensed to bear the AMCA seal. Our state of the art 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility utilizes modern fabrication technology and features an in-house paint line.

Air Performance offers Design Assist!

Estimators will assess the needs in your project through project links or with your assistance. Once a project is awarded, a project manager will take care of your project through to completion.

A wide range of louvers and custom architectural products are offered. Air Performance is a single source provider with the experience and technical knowledge to design, fabricate, and finish products that meet the design intent of the architect, building owner, and ultimately the specifications.

For more information on Air Performance Inc., call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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Glass Enclosed Dance Studio   |   Sound Attenuating, Double Fin Glass Wall


Project Overview

Project Name
Kahano Centre

Design Overview
This dance centre needed a crystal-clear sound-proofed partition to separate the studio from the surrounding conference centre.


Products Supplied
AB602T Adjustable Glass Bolts, S20 Heavy Duty Spiders, Custom Splice Plates, Custom Fin Shoes

Design Services
Glazing System, Hardware Design, Shop Drawings, Glass Fabrication Drawings, Engineering

Soundproof Considerations

To ensure the dance studio was acoustically isolated from the surrounding rooms the entire area was built on a floating slab.

This meant that one glass wall was built on the studio slab while the other was mounted on a different one. The two slabs were sealed with an acoustic sealant to complete the separation.

The exterior and interior glass walls were constructed with varying glass thicknesses in order to attenuate sounds of different frequencies. The glass makeup was chosen to be low iron (for extra clear glass) and laminated for further sound reduction.

There was also a need to design the wall system to act as a guard for safety reasons.


Hardware Used

AB602T Glass Bolts
The AB602T is an articulating, 60mm front-mounting glass bolt that allowed the final panels to be installed from the front or back of the wall. The same bolts also accommodate varying sizes of glass which kept the glass fins consistent across the project.

Custom Splice Plates and S20 Spider Fittings
Custom, stainless steel splice plates included countersunk bolting assemblies which complimented the sleek design. No protruding bolts were required at the fin connection with this design. Heavy duty S20 spiders (two and four arm connections) had no problem supporting the 9 feet tall face glass panels.

Fin Shoe and Custom Glass Channel
A stainless steel u-channel holds the face glass but required the fixing screws to be anchored away from the edge of the slab (to prevent chipping). A foam tape and wedge gasket seal the channel. The fin shoe was made to fit the fin and was finished as brushed stainless steel.

For more information on Stella Glass Hardware, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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SDC Architectural is proud to team up with Carter Panel Systems providing ACM and sheet/plate fabricated wall assemblies to fabricators all over North America.

With this addition, SDC is able to provide not only the fastest growing U.S. ACM manufacturer but the only one tested in a system that is highly sought after by architects and fabricators alike!

Please visit CADdetails and search for either of Carter’s two systems:

If you'd like to learn more about Carter Panel Systems, please visit their Partners page or call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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Glass is an element in architectural design that can transform building facades and interior spaces into art form.

Standard Bent Glass has developed unique systems with proprietary technology to create decorative laminated glass with virtually unlimited design options.

SentryGlas® Expressions™
SentryGlas® Expressions™ is a computer-based digital imaging system for decorative glass, which enables virtually any image to be vibrantly reproduced in laminated safety glass. Colors, patterns, textures, gradient tones, and photographic images can be reproduced with exceptional quality and clarity without the cost of screens or additional raw materials. SentryGlas® Expressions™ is cost effective, has been fully tested for both interior and exterior applications, meets safety glazing codes, and is also available in curved glass, bullet resistant, and blast resistant laminated glass options.

***Available in sizes up to 94" x 120"

Celaré Architectural Glazing
Celaré Architectural Glazing combines the performance of laminated safety glass with artistry in aesthetic design. Celebrating the brilliance of light and color, Celaré Architectural Glazing is the lens through which you can literally reshape and redefine space. It is a fully active medium that enlivens interiors as well as exteriors. At your finger tips is an unlimited palette of vivid colors, striking patterns, and intriguing textures. Transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and create a more meaningful connection between the structure and its environment. Look into the possibilities without the time delays and frustrations of traditional decorative glass products.

Direct to Glass Printing
Ceramic inks are the only ceramic inks developed specifically for digital inkjet, drop-on-demand printing. A true glass ink - i.e. designed specifically for glass printing - they contain special sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, and are fused into the glass during the tempering or annealing process. This means you can create vivid, durable designs that last as long as the glass itself. You can also use these digital ceramic inks to add functionality to glass, such as for energy efficiency, solar control, and light diffusion and transmission.

If you're interested in learning more about the endless decorative glass options from Standard Bent Glass,
call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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The ultimate stand-off.

The ST503 Series (Adjustable) is a Stella Original Design that offers easy in and out adjustability on uneven mounting surfaces to allow you to accurately align glass mid-install.

There are three variations of the ST503 series that we offer (tapered face, button face, or countersunk) - each offers a different expression seen on the outside face on glass.

The Stella ST503 features:

  • An adjustable glass bolt that mounts glass to concrete
  • Offers in/out adjustability – perfect for uneven mounting surfaces
  • Glass is front mounted for ease of install
  • Button face is flat
  • Tightened via 2 discreet holes on the side of button face
  • Complete with bolts or redi-rod cut to length needed to be expoxied into concrete

For more information on the ST503 or any Stella Glass Hardware, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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We've been connected with the glaziers in SoCal for over 30 years. Like many others, we have noticed bent glass in some very nice commercial building applications... just not enough of them.

When bent glass comes up, many designers shy away. Their reasons fall into a handful of categories. Those reasons and categories may need to be updated.

Standard Bent Glass is not your grandpa’s glass bender (although they have been around that long).



The 5 Reasons You're Not Using Bent Glass


It costs a lot more than flat glass.

TRUTH: It does cost a little more than flat glass. The bending process uses flat glass to bend and over the years, the processes used at SBG have improved continuously. If you quoted bent glass a while ago, try it again!



Bending tolerances are too open to be able to use bent glass.

TRUTH: Tolerances have gotten much smaller, again, as technology and demands have changed. Standard radius tolerances are +/- 1/8”.



For glass railing infill, IBC 2015 mandates tempered laminated glass. That isn’t available.

TRUTH: Actually, bent tempered laminated glass is available from SBG.



With Title 24 and the need for continued energy conservation, Insulated Glass cannot be bent.

TRUTH: SBG can bend IGUs, even with Low E! IG Units can be bent and tempered or heat strengthened with Pilkington Energy Advantage Low E and Guardian SunGuard High Performance Low E for thermal and solar benefits. Bent IG units can also include tempered and heat strengthened laminated glass, and decorative options with direct-to-glass digital printing and digitally printed PVB interlayers.



Bent glass can’t be done in tall sizes.

TRUTH: SBG can bend glass in heights up to 130” for bent tempered and 140“ for bent annealed laminated.

If you're interested in learning more about the endless bent glass options from Standard Bent Glass, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

AuthorPeggy Ciley

GlassBuild 2016 is upon us and we know a lot of you will be heading there to check out the latest and greatest in glazing products, accessories and services.

As SDC continues to focus on providing premium products to the glass and glazing industry, we'd like to mention a few booths you should take the time to check out while you're at the show.


Booth #547

Standard Bent Glass has established itself as the premier supplier for custom glass products. Offering a complete line of products, including curved laminated glass, curved tempered glass, compound curved glass and decorative glass, SBG has the product and solution for all of your design challenges.



Booth #1540

JORDAHL produces a complete range of Anchor Channels for adjustable, fast and low cost connections for Curtain Wall and other Facade installations. T-bolts, accessories and custom components such as corner pieces, channel pairs, radius profiles and welded rebar configurations are also available.



Booth #1061

Roto North America creates superior customer value as a leading supplier of North American and European window & door hardware. Offering casement, awning, sliding patio door, hinged patio door, sash lock, positive action lock, and european hardware products, Roto also manufactures custom zinc diecast and steel parts in our production facilities.


For more information on these manufacturers' products, or if you'd like to chat with Scott and Peggy while you're at GlassBuild, give us a call at (714) 680-6063.

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As owners and developers seek more energy-efficient solutions for their buildings, the popularity of insulated glass continues to grow. While there are several sources for flat insulated glass, if you're looking for bent IG units, the only place to turn is Standard Bent Glass.

Pictured above is the 7th St. Thomas project in Toronto, featuring bent tempered insulated/laminated units with Guardian SN68 Low E on low iron glass with digitally printed direct-to-glass white gradient fade pattern. Bent units were designed as concave and convex elevations.

Pictured above is the 7th St. Thomas project in Toronto, featuring bent tempered insulated/laminated units with Guardian SN68 Low E on low iron glass with digitally printed direct-to-glass white gradient fade pattern. Bent units were designed as concave and convex elevations.

  • Bent or curved insulated units are available in sizes up to 94”  x 128”.
  • Can be comprised of bent heat strengthened or tempered lites in combination with safety laminated glass for blast, security, or sound control benefits.
  • High Performance Low-E coatings are available using any of Guardian’s SunGuard products for thermal and solar control.
  • SBG is a Guardian Select™ Fabricator.
  • Digitally applied decorative patterns and photographic images are also available on curved units, as well as spandrel glass.
  • Bent units are insulated with Tri-Seal Flex Warm Edge Spacers, and designed specifically for the demands of Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) systems.

For pricing or more information on curved IG units or any products available from Standard Bent Glass, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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A striking structure.

The Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge is a 145 ft. clear span structure in Burnaby, a city in Metro-Vancouver, B.C. The bridge’s signature design creates an aesthetically striking portal for traffic entering Burnaby along the Kingsway corridor.

The structure consists of an extremely thin edge concrete walkway suspended from a gracefully curving arch structure that incorporates wood, steel, and concrete. The apparent simplicity of the final design belies its underlying complexity in engineering and execution.

The architect chose to incorporate tall 8 ft. high glass guards. Rather than add chunky guardrail posts that would have compromised the bridge aesthetics, the glass guards were structurally fastened to the stainless steel tension rods that support the bridge deck using Custom Stella Glass Hardware Systems. This is a very uncommon method of supporting glass guards which results in large horizontal wind forces being imparted to the tension rods, and required detailed analysis. Stella's engineering team assisted in creating solutions that ensured successful execution of the design.

Stella products used:

AuthorPeggy Ciley

Iconic design.

Two words often associated with the highest profile buildings in our communities, but rarely used to describe public health facilities.

In the case of Kaye Edmonton Clinic, iconic design resonates in the 7 story, double-glazed atrium wall supported by Stella custom cable tension systems.

To keep the atrium as visually light as possible, slender steel columns were used as structural support. Because the columns were minimal in size, a customized Stella system was needed to balance positive and negative windloads on the facade's expansive glass elevation.

Stella engineered, designed, manufactured and supplied the glass hardware required to achieve the design team's vision. The solution was a bow truss cable system, a proven but technically complex concept capable of holding and supporting the weight of more than 300 IGU units.

The end result featured over 1,200 brackets bolted to the horizontal mullion to the glass units, eliminating the need to drill holes in the glass. The Kaye Edmonton Clinic now showcases Canada's highest cable truss system, facilitating an amazing light-filled atrium thanks to this modern engineering marvel.

For more information on any Stella Glass Hardware and their custom engineering capabilities, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

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