Lucent Glass Solutions offers a range of products from heavy tempered glass, specialty and billet laminated glass, oversized laminated glass, heavy bent laminated glass, insulating glass, and bent glass to fill your needs. All products represented by Lucent Glass Solutions meet or exceed all North American standards.

  • Heavy Tempered Glass
  • Oversized Glass Available(Tempered and Laminated)

  • Hurricane Resistant Glass (SGP and Solutia Certified)

  • Heat Soaked Glass

  • Laminated Glass (Billet and Custom)

  • Spandrel Glass - Spankote, Ceramic Frit / Opacicoat

  • Insulated Low E Glass

  • Heavy Structural Glass

  • Bent Glass
  • Bullet Resistant Glass

  • Privacy Glass

  • Anti-Reflective Glass

  • Fire Rated Glass

  • Railing in-fill glass – Tempered or heat soaked laminated

  • Polished edges, holes and slots

Recently Completed Project: Westfield Mall Century City

*Featuring 8mm tempered Pilkington Energy Advantage, #2 Heat soaked, 1/2” air space, 12mm clear tempered Heat Soaked glass

Oversized Glass Fabrication


Bent Tempering

Chemical Tempering
Heat Soak Test

Screen Printed

Heat Curving
Low E Coating
Insulated- Machine
Insulated- Manual

130" x 472"
124" x 313"
135" x 273"
67" x 472"
118" (Arc) x 195" (Height)
59" (Arc) x 256" (Height)
59" x 86"
126" x 433"
130" x 275"
116" x 295"
102" x 472"
96" x 236"
118" x 236"
126" x 220"
100" x 275"
106" x 181"
129" x 393"

3302mm x 12000mm
3150mm x 7950mm
3450mm x 6950mm
1710mm x 12000mm
3000mm (Arc) x 4954mm (Height)
1500mm (Arc) x 6500mm (Height)
1500mm x 2200mm
3200mm x 11000mm
3300mm x 7000mm
2950mm x 7500mm
2600mm x 12000mm
2440mm x 6000mm
3000mm x 6000mm
3200mm x 5600mm
2540mm x 7000mm
2700mm x 4600mm
3300mm x 10000mm