Stella glass hardware brings manufacturing together with engineering support for your needs to give you the best stainless hardware for your
glass wall, glass canopy, glass railing infill, glass sunshade, glass fin and much more.


Connectors between support structure and glass. Used for large glass walls, canopies, and interior glass walls.


  1. Choose the size of your spider – SMALL or LARGE
  2. Choose your bolt – ARTICULATING or NON-ARTICULATING, and then select TYPE/SIZE OF BOLT
  3. Select FACE-MOUNTED or SIDE-MOUNTED, and then select the NUMBER OF ARMS

Doc & Pin

Alternate support to Spiders. Same applications as Spiders plus used on guardrails.

Glass Bolts

Typically mounted to glass via spiders.


Specialized glass bolts that create frameless guardrail systems and glass walls.


Handrail brackets that mount to more than just glass. Hardware to support infill and guardrail glass panels.


Hardware to support sunshades and create energy efficient buildings.

Stella Custom

Products designed to solve specific project issues.

What’s glass hardware without the glass? Without the design? Without the context of the project?  In addition to providing beautiful hardware solutions, we become part of your process, supporting design and install by offering structural and glass engineering, shop drawings and installation advice.


We love solving design problems – especially yours.  Our favorite projects include designing parts for the kinds of structures that we’ve never encountered before.  We can easily plug into your design process to help you create a unique solution.


Our parts are 75% post-consumer material, and we support LEED certification by helping you incorporate energy-efficient glazing systems in the form of double or triple glazing and sunshades into projects with sustainable initiatives.

From tender-ready to shop drawings, engineering through to install -  we’re fully conversant in architect-speak, glazing talk, engineering jargon and developer number crunching (you’ve got budgets – we get it).  Clearly understanding your project requirements and translating your vision is what we do best.


Hardware has to do the job, but it’s other function is to look good. While our products are designed and tested for strength and safety, we’re passionate about aesthetic features such as sculpted lines, rounded edges and clean connection points.