Re-Shaping the Possibilities

Standard Bent Glass, with over 70 years experience in quality manufacturing, has emerged as the single source for all of your architectural glazing requirements. Combining decades of artisan craftsmanship with advancements in glass fabrication technology, SBG has the product and solution for all of your design challenges.


Bent Glass

Bent Laminated
Curved Glass, Bent Glass, Architectural Glass

  • Bent laminated glass is comprised of two or more layers of bent glass combined with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or urethane interlayers in an autoclave system for material bonding.
  • In addition to safety from injury due to glass breakage, curved laminated glass provides sound transmission control and blocks 99% of the suns ultra violet rays.
  • Curved laminated glass can be combined with all of our decorative laminated glass options with colors, textures, patterns, as well as SentryGlas® Expressions™ digital images.
  • Bent laminated glass is available in multiple combinations as an insulated unit for increased thermal and solar performance.
  • Bent tempered laminated glass can also be provided for structural glazing applications.

Bent Tempered Glass
Curved Glass, Safety Glass, Structural Glazing

Through a manufacturing process of heating, curving, and rapidly cooling the glass, curved tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass and can be used in applications requiring safety glazing as well as structural glazing. Bent Heat-Strengthened glass is also available. Heat strengthened glass is 2 times as strong as annealed glass. While not a safety glazing product, it is used in applications where additional strength is required for load specifications or for applications and glass types that require resistance to thermal absorption.

State-of-the-art technology provides high quality optics with minimal distortion and strict radial tolerances.

Standard Bent Glass is a certified Guardian SunGuard Select Fabricator for high performance coated glass.

Bent tempered glass can be manufactured as a tempered/laminated product, as well as combined in an insulated unit for increased thermal and solar performance.


  • Curved Balustrade
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Curtainwall and Storefronts
  • Interior Glazing
  • Structural Glass Wall Systems
  • Display Case and Showcase
  • Shower and Bath Enclosures
  • Skylights and overhead glazing

Breeze™ - Complex Compound Glass Bending
Laminated Glass, Compound Glass, Decorative Glass

Utilizing proprietary technology, Standard Bent Glass can transform 3-dimensional computer images into curved glass with complex compound geometries, creating virtually unlimited prospects for the imagination.

The client furnishes 3-dimensional shapes and images through standard design software. Using proprietary technology, Standard Bent can create a custom curved glass mold and transform the digital computer image into curved glass with complex glass compound geometries.

The system allows for rapid prototyping of images to assist the client in custom bent glass product selection and approval.

Breeze™ Compound Bent Glass is furnished as laminated safety glass using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and urethane interlayers, as well as liquid glass lamination techniques for material bonding.

Breeze™ is available in an unlimited range of colors, patterns, textures, and photographic images within the laminated glass interlayer.

Interior and exterior applications, as well as free standing works of decorative glass art. Re-Shape the possibilities.


Decorative Glass

SentryGlas® Expressions™
Laminated Glass, Safety Glass, Decorative Glass

Standard Bent Glass Corp is pleased to announce the addition of SentryGlas® Expressions™ to its wide range of custom architectural glass products, as a licensee utilizing Dupont™ printing technology.

SentryGlas® Expressions™ is a computer-based digital imaging system for decorative glass, which enables virtually any image to be vibrantly reproduced in laminated safety glass. Colors, patterns, textures, gradient tones, and photographic images can be reproduced with exceptional quality and clarity without the cost of screens or additional raw materials. SentryGlas® Expressions™ is cost effective, has been fully tested for both interior and exterior applications, meets safety glazing codes, and is also available in curved options.

Available in size up to 94" x 120"

Celaré Architectural Glazing
Laminated Glass, Safety Glass, Decorative Glass

Celaré Architectural Glazing combines the performance of laminated safety glass with artistry in aesthetic design. Celebrating the brilliance of light and color, Celaré Architectural Glazing is the lens through which you can literally reshape and redefine space. It is a fully active medium that enlivens interiors as well as exteriors. At your finger tips is an unlimited palette of vivid colors, striking patterns, and intriguing textures. Transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and create a more meaningful connection between the structure and its environment. Look into the possibilities without the time delays and frustrations of traditional decorative glass products.

Palette of Colors
Using Vanceva interlayers and custom films we can match or create an unlimited range of transparent or opaque colors.

Create custom designed patterns using colors or textured glass surfaces with unique custom films encapsulated in laminated glass.

Direct To Glass Printing
Tempered Glass, Safety Glass, Decorative Glass

Ceramic inks are the only ceramic inks developed specifically for digital inkjet, drop-on-demand printing. A true glass ink - i.e. designed specifically for glass printing - they contain special sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, and are fused into the glass during the tempering or annealing process. This means you can create vivid, durable designs that last as long as the glass itself. You can also use these digital ceramic inks to add functionality to glass, such as for energy efficiency, solar control, and light diffusion and transmission.   

The ideal ink for ceramic printing on glass
Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Inks were developed along with Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Printers, ensuring efficient productivity and optimized results.

Key points about Dip-Tech Digital Ceramic Inks:

  • Unmatched resistance to scratching, acid, UV and weather
  • Wide color palette - Based on six colors, mixed digitally or manually - ideal for creative architectural applications
  • Heavy metal-free inks - Do not contain lead cadmium metals
  • Suitable for a range of toughening and firing cycles
  • Compliant with demanding industry standards for quality and durability


Other Specialty Glass

Custom Architectural                              
Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Structural Glazing  

In addition to bent glass and decorative glass, Standard Bent Glass has a complete line of custom architectural glass products to meet complex designs for any glass and glazing requirements. Our 175,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities for glass laminating, tempering, chemical strengthening, and insulating. Our products meet specifications for a wide variety of applications.

  • Skylight Glazing
  • Zoo Glazing
  • Aquarium Glazing
  • Stadium Glazing
  • Tempered / Laminated Glass for structural glass wall systems
  • Glass Flooring