Carter Panel's evolutionary panel systems provide a 40% labor savings in manufacturing and are the most aesthetically pleasing designs, globally.


As we evolve, so do our products. We set out to create a continuous expression wall panel that would lay across a building face without visible interference. Our solution is the Evolution or EVO™ panel! The EVO™ RIVETLESS™ has no equal. Patent Pending and fully tested, EVO™ RIVETLESS™ embraces the future vision for building facades.


The FUSION™ DRILLFREE™ panel extrusion system enables any panel fabricator interested, to increase their productivity and hence, profitability. The numerous benefits are the result of our patent pending design, which increases performance on the shop floor, as well as, the site installation. The preference for the DRILLFREE™ over conventional perimeter extrusion, has been based on a decision of economics, health & safety and innovation in the workplace, as determined by other end users.

Carter Panel (CAP) Inc is evolving and changing the standard by design for ACM and sheet/plate architectural wall panel fabrication and installation. The first ever NFPA-285 nationally tested and recognized ACM wall panel system. More economical to fabricate and install.

No matter where you are located, there are certified panel fabricators that will build the system exactly per the CAP specification assuring apples to apples design to manufacture making for easier competitive bid analysis, less RFI’s, and easier to inspect!

The most downloaded site in the ACM world and this what the world has been waiting for!

  • Tested
  • Consistent state to state/region to region
  • Easy to understand
  • Demonstrated track record
  • NFPA285
  • Readily available - nationally