SDC and are proud to announce the addition of two new innovative products to the site: The Angel Ventlock Mini Angel and Roto Tilt & Turn Window or Door SoftClose.

The Mini Angel Ventlock is a new Window Opening Control Device that can replace existing night vents that have been installed in DH and SH windows. The mini AVL will fit into most existing night vent rout locations in most vinyl and wood DH/SH windows (note: night vents are not designed to conform to the window safety standard, ASTM-F2090). Available in white or tan, the mini AVL has been independently tested to conform 100% with the ASTM F-2090 standard.

The Roto Tilt & Turn Window or Door SoftClose is an innovative product that can be installed on your vinyl tilt and turn windows and balcony doors. This additional accessory installs in profiles with a frame groove and dampens the window or door upon closing. Available in white only, installation instructions are included.

To purchase online, visit For more information or to order over the phone, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.