SDC is proud to announce the addition of two more stellar products to the lineup of window hardware at; the Roto Sash Sag Lifter and Fasco Footlock Security Kit.

Roto Sash Sag Lifter

Sash sag is the unwanted condition that exists when the lower corner of the sash drops below nominal position. This can create an overly tight or in some cases, an interference between the sash and the frame. This interference can lead to poor functioning windows and will create premature wear with the rotary operator and possibly the locking system.

Sash sag in a casement window can be linked to one of the following causes:

  • Sash is out of square
  • Frame is out of square
  • Sash is not square to the frame
  • Sash has dropped relative to the frame

For your large casement windows taller than 36", or wider than 30", this device can be installed into the window sill in order to assist with the smooth closure of the window. Available in white or black, this product is suitable only for Vinyl windows.

Fasco Footlock Security Kit

A secondary lock is available for your existing Sliding Patio Door. Available in 5 colors: white, beige, brown, black, and coppertone, the FootLock comes with a keeper that has 2 "lock" locations, one when the door is closed fully, and one that will leave the door open by about 3", allowing ventilation in a secure mode. Installation instructions, three keeper options and mounting screws are included in the kit.

For more information, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.