Glass Enclosed Dance Studio   |   Sound Attenuating, Double Fin Glass Wall


Project Overview

Project Name
Kahano Centre

Design Overview
This dance centre needed a crystal-clear sound-proofed partition to separate the studio from the surrounding conference centre.


Products Supplied
AB602T Adjustable Glass Bolts, S20 Heavy Duty Spiders, Custom Splice Plates, Custom Fin Shoes

Design Services
Glazing System, Hardware Design, Shop Drawings, Glass Fabrication Drawings, Engineering

Soundproof Considerations

To ensure the dance studio was acoustically isolated from the surrounding rooms the entire area was built on a floating slab.

This meant that one glass wall was built on the studio slab while the other was mounted on a different one. The two slabs were sealed with an acoustic sealant to complete the separation.

The exterior and interior glass walls were constructed with varying glass thicknesses in order to attenuate sounds of different frequencies. The glass makeup was chosen to be low iron (for extra clear glass) and laminated for further sound reduction.

There was also a need to design the wall system to act as a guard for safety reasons.


Hardware Used

AB602T Glass Bolts
The AB602T is an articulating, 60mm front-mounting glass bolt that allowed the final panels to be installed from the front or back of the wall. The same bolts also accommodate varying sizes of glass which kept the glass fins consistent across the project.

Custom Splice Plates and S20 Spider Fittings
Custom, stainless steel splice plates included countersunk bolting assemblies which complimented the sleek design. No protruding bolts were required at the fin connection with this design. Heavy duty S20 spiders (two and four arm connections) had no problem supporting the 9 feet tall face glass panels.

Fin Shoe and Custom Glass Channel
A stainless steel u-channel holds the face glass but required the fixing screws to be anchored away from the edge of the slab (to prevent chipping). A foam tape and wedge gasket seal the channel. The fin shoe was made to fit the fin and was finished as brushed stainless steel.

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AuthorPeggy Ciley