A striking structure.

The Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge is a 145 ft. clear span structure in Burnaby, a city in Metro-Vancouver, B.C. The bridge’s signature design creates an aesthetically striking portal for traffic entering Burnaby along the Kingsway corridor.

The structure consists of an extremely thin edge concrete walkway suspended from a gracefully curving arch structure that incorporates wood, steel, and concrete. The apparent simplicity of the final design belies its underlying complexity in engineering and execution.

The architect chose to incorporate tall 8 ft. high glass guards. Rather than add chunky guardrail posts that would have compromised the bridge aesthetics, the glass guards were structurally fastened to the stainless steel tension rods that support the bridge deck using Custom Stella Glass Hardware Systems. This is a very uncommon method of supporting glass guards which results in large horizontal wind forces being imparted to the tension rods, and required detailed analysis. Stella's engineering team assisted in creating solutions that ensured successful execution of the design.

Stella products used:

AuthorPeggy Ciley