Iconic design.

Two words often associated with the highest profile buildings in our communities, but rarely used to describe public health facilities.

In the case of Kaye Edmonton Clinic, iconic design resonates in the 7 story, double-glazed atrium wall supported by Stella custom cable tension systems.

To keep the atrium as visually light as possible, slender steel columns were used as structural support. Because the columns were minimal in size, a customized Stella system was needed to balance positive and negative windloads on the facade's expansive glass elevation.

Stella engineered, designed, manufactured and supplied the glass hardware required to achieve the design team's vision. The solution was a bow truss cable system, a proven but technically complex concept capable of holding and supporting the weight of more than 300 IGU units.

The end result featured over 1,200 brackets bolted to the horizontal mullion to the glass units, eliminating the need to drill holes in the glass. The Kaye Edmonton Clinic now showcases Canada's highest cable truss system, facilitating an amazing light-filled atrium thanks to this modern engineering marvel.

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AuthorPeggy Ciley