Glass is an element in architectural design that can transform building facades and interior spaces into art form.

Standard Bent Glass has developed unique systems with proprietary technology to create decorative laminated glass with virtually unlimited design options.

SentryGlas® Expressions™
SentryGlas® Expressions™ is a computer-based digital imaging system for decorative glass, which enables virtually any image to be vibrantly reproduced in laminated safety glass. Colors, patterns, textures, gradient tones, and photographic images can be reproduced with exceptional quality and clarity without the cost of screens or additional raw materials. SentryGlas® Expressions™ is cost effective, has been fully tested for both interior and exterior applications, meets safety glazing codes, and is also available in curved glass, bullet resistant, and blast resistant laminated glass options.

***Available in sizes up to 94" x 120"

Celaré Architectural Glazing
Celaré Architectural Glazing combines the performance of laminated safety glass with artistry in aesthetic design. Celebrating the brilliance of light and color, Celaré Architectural Glazing is the lens through which you can literally reshape and redefine space. It is a fully active medium that enlivens interiors as well as exteriors. At your finger tips is an unlimited palette of vivid colors, striking patterns, and intriguing textures. Transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and create a more meaningful connection between the structure and its environment. Look into the possibilities without the time delays and frustrations of traditional decorative glass products.

Direct to Glass Printing
Ceramic inks are the only ceramic inks developed specifically for digital inkjet, drop-on-demand printing. A true glass ink - i.e. designed specifically for glass printing - they contain special sub-micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, and are fused into the glass during the tempering or annealing process. This means you can create vivid, durable designs that last as long as the glass itself. You can also use these digital ceramic inks to add functionality to glass, such as for energy efficiency, solar control, and light diffusion and transmission.

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AuthorPeggy Ciley