The ultimate stand-off.

The ST503 Series (Adjustable) is a Stella Original Design that offers easy in and out adjustability on uneven mounting surfaces to allow you to accurately align glass mid-install.

There are three variations of the ST503 series that we offer (tapered face, button face, or countersunk) - each offers a different expression seen on the outside face on glass.

The Stella ST503 features:

  • An adjustable glass bolt that mounts glass to concrete
  • Offers in/out adjustability – perfect for uneven mounting surfaces
  • Glass is front mounted for ease of install
  • Button face is flat
  • Tightened via 2 discreet holes on the side of button face
  • Complete with bolts or redi-rod cut to length needed to be expoxied into concrete

For more information on the ST503 or any Stella Glass Hardware, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

AuthorPeggy Ciley