We've been connected with the glaziers in SoCal for over 30 years. Like many others, we have noticed bent glass in some very nice commercial building applications... just not enough of them.

When bent glass comes up, many designers shy away. Their reasons fall into a handful of categories. Those reasons and categories may need to be updated.

Standard Bent Glass is not your grandpa’s glass bender (although they have been around that long).



The 5 Reasons You're Not Using Bent Glass


It costs a lot more than flat glass.

TRUTH: It does cost a little more than flat glass. The bending process uses flat glass to bend and over the years, the processes used at SBG have improved continuously. If you quoted bent glass a while ago, try it again!



Bending tolerances are too open to be able to use bent glass.

TRUTH: Tolerances have gotten much smaller, again, as technology and demands have changed. Standard radius tolerances are +/- 1/8”.



For glass railing infill, IBC 2015 mandates tempered laminated glass. That isn’t available.

TRUTH: Actually, bent tempered laminated glass is available from SBG.



With Title 24 and the need for continued energy conservation, Insulated Glass cannot be bent.

TRUTH: SBG can bend IGUs, even with Low E! IG Units can be bent and tempered or heat strengthened with Pilkington Energy Advantage Low E and Guardian SunGuard High Performance Low E for thermal and solar benefits. Bent IG units can also include tempered and heat strengthened laminated glass, and decorative options with direct-to-glass digital printing and digitally printed PVB interlayers.



Bent glass can’t be done in tall sizes.

TRUTH: SBG can bend glass in heights up to 130” for bent tempered and 140“ for bent annealed laminated.

If you're interested in learning more about the endless bent glass options from Standard Bent Glass, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

AuthorPeggy Ciley