CARVART glass markerboards are the perfect way to reflect your work. Glass markerboards can be incorporated into a wide range of interior projects in the workspace such as meeting, conference rooms, offices or any space where employees gather for presentations. The freestanding surface mounted writable glass surfaces are available as magnetic or non-magnetic and are easy to maintain. The washable surface is available in white and a variety of standard colors as well as custom colors. CARVART glass markerboards are offered in four standard sizes: 3' x 3', 4' x 4', 6' x 4', and 8' x 4', custom sizes and configurations are also available. In addition to the variety of stock sizes and Colors, CARVART offers various mounting options inclusive of a low-profile anodized aluminum frame, frameless and floating. Chair rails, magnets, markers, erasers and other accessories are also available to complete and compliment any glass markerboard.

(Originally featured in  The McMorrow Reports ) 

(Originally featured in The McMorrow Reports

M A R K E R B O A R D S > Markerboards can be integrated into a wide range of different corporate interior design applications, from collaboration areas, to meeting rooms or offices. They can be freestanding or movable, with writable and erasable surfaces as both magnetic and non-magnetic standard products.

The hard and washable surface meets highest hygienic and aesthetic requirements. The magnetic markerboard is equipped with an all-embracing filigree protection edge made of anodized aluminum profiles. It provides rigidity while maintaining the slim appearance of the board. The special charm of the board is the magnetic effect which is achieved by a metal layer integrated behind the glass. The usage of the board is multifunctional, since the magnetism is completed with the free use of markers on the glass. Available in both magnetic and non-magnetic options. Application: offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, collaboration areas.



The standard color is white. Contact SDC for additional color options. Also available are custom graphics and accessories, such as markers, erasers, chair rails and rare earth magnets. Only rare earth magnets can be used on magnetic glass markerboards.

To learn more about CARVART, call SDC at (714) 680-6063 or click here to visit their Partners page.

AuthorPeggy Ciley