You know how excited we were to introduce you to CARVART Glass Locker Systems last week, but here comes another new, complimentary product: glass cubicle systems. Whether full height or free standing, these cubicles make a gorgeous addition to any health club, fitness center, office, spa, school, healthcare facility or public space.

From the CARVART brochure:

Cubicles are frameless panel systems, in which we utilize specially designed components to avoid the normal problems experienced when panels only are relied upon for system strength. According to type, a wide range of colors or patterns in laminated glass can be incorporated. CARVART’s expertise is in the design and manufacturing of cubicle hardware systems, complemented by the various glass panels.

CARVART offers ADA accessible cubicles. The minimum maneuvering space inside cubicles with grab rails is an 18" diameter, with 22" recommended for shower and changing cubicles. Compliant door furniture includes grab handles in colored nylon or anodized aluminum. Doors, frames and surrounds are available in numerous color variations to assist the visually impaired.

Integral fixed or folding seating and grab bars are mounted directly to cubicle partitions. Freestanding and wall-mounted bench seating and coat hooks can be provided in matching materials. Most cubicle systems have the option of a bonded floor attachment to avoid any damage to surfaces on waterproof membranes. Available on new and refurbished installations.

Our cubicles don’t only look good, they have a proven lifecycle too.

Click here to download the CARVART Cubicle Systems brochure.

For more information on CARVART's glass cubicle systems, call SDC at (714) 680-6063.

AuthorPeggy Ciley