Roto Launches New Lift & Slide Hardware in North American Market

In keeping up with the latest architectural trends, Roto's new Patio Lift meets, and even exceeds, current demands for function and design. 'Functionality, comfort, and design are becoming increasingly important when it comes to staying a step ahead," says Antonios Bountzouklis, Market Product Manager for European products in North America. "In addition to Patio Lift's smooth operation, we provide a wide variety of colors and architectural finishes to our customers in order to meet their needs."

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New 9700 Euro Series Sliding Patio Door Handle Features Style and Ergonomics

Roto Fasco Canada, (RFC)  located near Toronto, is the leading supplier of hardware for sliding patio doors in Canada. Based on a proven reputation for quality and service, RFC offers a variety of hardware and accessories for many door applications. Read More

Hardware Solutions for Hung and Sliding Windows

Roto offers a variety of hardware solutions for both hung and sliding windows. We carry a wide array of standard die-cast Cam Locks and Keepers in a variety of finishes and styles ranging from surface mount and flush mount to forced entry resistant.  

If you want to step up from the standard cam lock, try the innovative FLIPLOCK. The Fliplock is a positive action lock that offers ergonomic, easy-to-use functionality and style that will set your window apart. Or, if you prefer a custom solution, we have the ability to design and develop custom styles to your requirements. If your window requires limited opening, try our Angel Ventlock. The Angel Ventlock is a window opening control device (WOCD) that meets ASTM F2090 requirements. It comes in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate most vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows.

ASTM F2090 Requiring Window Opening Control Devices Gains Traction

As ASTM F2090 gains traction in our industry, the need for Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD), like the Angel Ventlock, increases.

Most states have now adopted and enforce ASTM F2090-2008 or 2010 which mandates the use of WOCDs as Child Fall Safety Devices in certain operable windows. Since operable windows themselves are mandated in certain situations, the need for these devices becomes unavoidable.

Child Fall Safety devices that conform to ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010, like the Angel Ventlock, adhere to these specific parameters. Please Note: Other safety devices that conform only to ASTM F2006 code for fall protection or products marketed as WOLD (Window Opening Limit Devices) do not comply with these specific parameters and will not be accepted by Building Inspectors.

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AuthorPeggy Ciley